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Beijing Fortunehigh Intellectual Property Consultant Co., Ltd.

About us

Fortune High performs its functions through its branches:

·         Beijing Fortune High Intellectual Property Co Ltd

·         Beijing Qingfengcaizhi Intellectual Property Service Co Ltd

·         Beijing Sincerely Law Firm.

·         Fortune High Oy in Finland


It is the initiating organization of

·         IPSM Association for the Promotion of Software Industry Intellectual Property

·         Zhongguancun Alliance for China-Europe International Technology Cooperation


Founded in 2007, Fortune High has achieved 3 major transformations:

·         Its scope of business has extended from basic IP related service to intellectual property analysis, cross country management of customers’ intellectual property as well as business operation.

·         It now provides service to a wider range of customers than before: ICT, game, energy conservation, clean technology, biopharmaceuticals etc.

·         Geographically, the company is more capable of serving both Chinese and European clients thanks to the establishment of its branch in Finland.



Fortune High believes it can help clients make the best out of their intellectual property


Our partners

Fortune High is in close relationship with a number of Chinese state and local authorities through long-term cooperation. Some of its key partners are:

·         State Intellectual Property Office

·         Beijing IPO, Zhongguancun Science Park

·         Beijing Economic and Technology Development Area (Beijing Etown)

·         The People’s government of Zhenjiang, and Rudong of Nantong


Also in strategic cooperation with Fortune High are a number of associations and societies:

·         ZGC Alliance for the Promotion of Industrial Technology

·         ZGC Society for the Promotion of Enterprise Credit

·         China Electronics Chamber of Commerce

·         Beijing Informatization Association

·         Haidian Cultural and Creativity Industry Association

·         ZGC Building Energy Conservation Industry Alliance.


Fortune High provides comprehensive strategy planning for clients e.g. Youku, Teamsun, Never Quit.


It has partnered foreign organizations with Chinese companies including Goldwind, Tellhow, Forsaven, and it manages the intellectual property for hundreds of startups from Zhongguancun of Beijing.


Besides, Fortune High has helped dozens of enterprises from Northern Europe with their strategy for intellectual property and business management, and it is in full-scale cooperation in industrial operation with Beijing Etown.


Scope of business

·         Application for intellectual property protection

·         Intellectual property related consultancy service

·         Intellectual property analysis

·         Management of intellectual property

·         International partnership building


Our achievements

Work stations

·         The first IP trusteeship center in Beijing, which is the only one in Haidian

·         Finland office of SIPO’s Overseas IP Maintenance Center

·         Finland office of Beijing Etown’s Europe IP Workstation

·         Northern Europe Office of Beijing Etown

·         Finland office of ZGC Industry Technology Alliance

·         Finland office of ZGC Committee for the Internationalization of Societies and Associations



·         "Strategic Emerging Industry Intellectual Property Cluster Management" initiated by the Chinese State Intellectual Property Office in

·         Strategic planning for “Patent Navigation Experimental Zone – ZGC Mobile Internet Patent Operation Strategy Planning”

·         “Process Management of Intellectual Property belonging to Strategic Industries” organized by Beijing IPO

·         “Rival Analysis for Mobile Internet” organized by ZGC IPO

·         Sector policy and IP strategy for Finnish game companies willing to explore the Chinese market

·         The first technology map for water treatment highly commented by the Chinese market

·         Guidance for IP related issues in Finland produced in cooperation with PRH



·         Beijing event of the China Intellectual Property Week – co-organizer

·         Finnish participation at Chengdu Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair 2016

·         Finnish clean technology roadshows in China in October 2016


Contact us

Add:      Room 2330-2331 Zhongguancun Software Incubator, Dongbeiwang, Haidian, Beijing, China (100193)

Tel:        0086 (0)10 8260 0690

Fax:      0086 (0)10 8620 0691 ext 806

Email:   fhczpatent@fortunehigh.com

Web:     http://www.fortunehigh.com